That song you can't stop listening to

11:50 AM

Hello there!

Today's post is about what I'm currently listening.

My favorite song of the moment:

2-1 by Imogen Heap

Video courtesy of krushastar in YouTube.

I found out about this song from CSI Miami Season 8, the episode Kill Clause. Imogen Heap makes a lot songs that sound like this, like a contemporary dance song. Hide and Seek, The Moment I Said It are some of what I consider "Imogen Heap Contemporary Dance Songs".

The lyrics say something about earth and galaxies, and well, what made me really like this song is because of the chorus.

Things are not always, things are not always how they seem.

Will you be ready?


They don't turn out always, don't quite turn out always how we think.

Will we be ready?

Very deep sentence, if you take it in other or certain ways. Also, the violin instrumental after the sentence is sang in the song, makes you somewhat delve deep into the song. This song sounded sad, and I like melancholic sounding songs. Not the ones that make you cry, but what makes your emotions get.. "shaken". Not in a bad way.. just like the song can make you.. pose with one hand right above the chest area (in front of heart) and one reaching out to the stars. Okay I am exaggerating things but basically like you can feel the emotion from the song.

I can put this on repeat and not get bored at all. But I'm afraid I'll get quickly bored, so I try to not put it on repeat all the time.


My second favorite song:

Not Fair by Lily Allen

Video courtesy of parlophone from YouTube.

I bought the whole Lily Allen album "It's Not Me, It's You" for just around US$ 2.45 (IDR 29,000) because it was the explicit version. The clean version was priced normally, IDR 85,000 if I was not wrong. I don't care about explicit songs, so yeah I bought the album. Turns out I like most of the songs so good for me.

I originally really liked this song for its tune. Then I saw the lyrics and I was like whoa. One of the sentences that made me "whoa" was:  I spent ages giving head. At first I was like, giving head? Then, oh. That head.

Again, the chorus is what had drawn me to this song. Aside from the catchy tune :)

It's not fair, and I think you're really mean, I think you're really mean.

This song had me wondering what the meaning of some of the sentences were. They sounded like it was really based on personal experience. A vulgar version of Taylor Swift? :')

Lily is indeed known for speaking out her thoughts very frankly. The last Lily Allen song I listened to was "F*ck You", which is also from "It's Not Me, It's You" album. I did not look for the lyrics though, so now that I finally looked for the lyrics of an explicit Lily Allen song, I was a bit surprised. But it gives me something to learn... because in Indonesia there definitely won't be any songs with these kinds of connotations. Or maybe there is... but I don't listen to Indonesian songs most of the time, so... please pardon my ignorance.

Other than Not Fair, I overall liked almost every song in the album.


Third favorite song:

Loca (Spanish Version) by Shakira ft. El Cata

Video courtesy of shakiraVEVO from YouTube.

I love this song. And what made me love this song more is the video. Very personal, because this year I went to Barcelona for a study trip with a few of my friends and one lecturer as supervisor, and the shooting place for Loca is the beach we went to LOL

In most Shakira videos, I pay attention to her belly dancing more than the song. I want to be able to do that too! As for Shakira in action, I prefer She Wolf but as a song to listen to, definitely Loca for me. Also, the Spanish version is so much better than the English version in my opinion. The song is being sang more fluidly, if you get what I mean...

Ok that's all for now. I actually have to sleep but my sleep cycle is very broken at the moment, and... I have to get up early tomorrow (no, in a few hours). Ok goodbye for now, see you at the next post!


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