Campus Life Part II - Victoria!

3:25 AM

Another post on Campus Life!

A new recruitable girl -- Victoria!!

A fashionista girl!

Just in time.

I was checking PocketGems forum that gave spoilers on the sets of girls that you can recruit, and from where I am now (it's 16 plus 1 extra: Lydia the Irish Exchange Student), there's only one Fashionista girl left. And my fashionista club still needs one member to complete!

Moreover, I love Victorian style. Victoria-- described with: loves Victorian styles.

My eyes were gleaming!

You have to use diamonds to recruit her, but I DON'T CARE. IT'S VICTORIAN STYLE! MY FAVORITE!!@@#$$#!!#@

As usual, the limit for recruiting her is 3 days. There are three events you need to make in order to recruit her, and each takes 10 hours. The waiting time to recruit her is also 10 hours.

I used to have another Campus Life game--- before my iPhone was stolen. So iPhone and iPad had different   Campus Life games.

Thankfully I still have this screenshot! Look at Jessica wearing Red Victorian Ball Gown! It was a limited time goal-- where you play Tap Paradise Cove and get to level 5, and then buy a Romantic Picnic or something. I loved that dress :(

Ah, and also the Rose Jacuzzi, which was available only during Valentine's. I wished I could have a bedroom with a Jacuzzi in it (but it'll be wet!) and BALLET MIRROR!

So I can practice dancing my strange moves without anyone looking at me! HAHAHA

Back to Victoria --- I recruited her!

To be honest, I was expecting more Victorian than Steampunk. Steampunk is still part of Victorian fashion, but the only thing with Victorian name in it is the hat.... :\

But I'm still glad I recruited her! Even with the maximum salary of 1950/2 hrs. It has a chance of getting diamonds, but so far I haven't got any since I first recruited her.

If only there were shoes like this but of a different color >_< (and can be bought with cash)

I like customizing my sorority house leader just for fun!

The pink dress is Easter limited edition dress. Blue plaid skirt is from Lydia the Irish Exchange Student, while the Victorian satin skirt and jacket were also from a limited edition goal -- some sort of a theater actress who was sad because her gallery items were stolen or missing.

I also decorated my room with Victorian-themed stuff! I'm so glad Campus Life made Victorian-themed items!!!

Except for the Japanese lamp on the corner! :P

I want a big room, so I turned a lounge into a bedroom, had chandeliers, had a painting beside the bed, and also a small drawer. And then, there's a connecting room which is the dressing room :) Will have vanity desk, steampunk clock and some flowers for decoration!

There's also a spa room on the left and bathroom on the right! The shower is a bit too big, but I didn't like the bathtub -- it looks so plain. So I bought the spa shower for bathroom decoration!

As I dreamed of having a room with ballet mirror on my own, I bought this item again. But that room wasn't fully decorated yet, so I just placed the ballet mirror anywhere it can be placed.

Especially the bed. There aren't any other decent beds which can be bought with cash (I'm a little stingy on buying diamonds).

This screenshot shows a bed-- brown and pink. I did not like it that much, but it was the most decent big bed I can get. I liked Single Bed for its decorations, but it's cheap. Who cares if it's cheap, I like it and it looks good *sobs*

But I was extremely glad when Campus Life made Victorian Bed!

I was like:

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  1. i'm glad i'm not the only one who plays this game


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