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7:36 AM

I've been quite crazy about the Apple app Campus Life !

I don't play The Sims, but I like this one because you don't have to depend on other players (like asking for gifts or items) BUT sometimes they are quite.. Forcing. Some goals can only be done by using diamonds (which can only be purchased... If you wait for your diamonds to accumulate as you play the game... Good luck! They're very stingy) such as the beach house!

I have to spend 189.000 for easy diamonds that can buy the beach house straight away. O_o!!!

I know they make their games (Pocket Gems) and of course you need the support... But I am quite disappointed in this.. Really.. For us who still depend on our parents' credit cards for app purchases, this option is not a very good one :'(

When I finally accumulated 10 gems to unlock Kim the celebrity, the game requires me to spend even more diamonds... AND ALL THE TROUBLE I HAVE GONE THROUGH JUST TO UNLOCK KIM... Has gone to waste. I should've spent the 10 diamonds on the yacht trips instead....

And Kim only gives out $60/hour, with the chance to earn gems. I currently have 8 girls if I'm not wrong, and that is a terny weeny amount now.

For now, there's this optional recruitable girl named Daphne. I'll admit I love the clothes that needs diamonds to be bought, but spending 100++ diamonds for a girl who produces $260/hour? No way.

I'll say Campus Life is a good game, but it closes some options to people who can't really spend that much on virtual stuff so if they ask me to rate the game, I'll give 3 to 3.5 out of 5 :(

TeamLava is a good example for not closing too many options for us who can't spend too much buying virtual stuff, except for its game Bubble Mania on level 102 :') I get stuck because the key power-up to completing the level is only obtainable with golds *cries* what if my gold runs out waaaaaa T-T they used to make that power-up buyable with coins... I should've passed that level while it was still on coins.. Or I shouldn't have updated it!!


Pic 1: buying beach house land

Pic 2: diamonds store

Pic 3: one of the events needed to recruit Kim requires you to buy at least 2 clothes here

Pic 4: another requirement to make an event in order to recruit Kim

Pic 5-7: recruiting Daphne; $260/hour and just count how many diamonds you have to use to recruit her :'(

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