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7:25 AM

It is always that I find something interesting near the final exams....


So I stumbled upon Fan Fiction again., to be exact.

I was often on when I was still in junior high school-- I think on my second and third year I was most active. That means 2006-2007 was the time period I was most active on I had started to grow a liking to Naruto manga, and since I liked the Uchiha brothers so much and also Sakura, I looked for a place where people share their fantasies of their favorite Naruto pairings.

And was the perfect place.

My account was Isabella-Young. I didn't care about creating a stage name! So I just went with my real name and surname...

My favorite pairings were Itachi x Sakura or Sasuke x Sakura. Favorite guys x favorite girl :P

I even drew them :"") at that time, the most popular Itachi x Sakura fanfic (short for fan fiction) writer was MitsukiShiroi. She wrote an almost perfect grammar, spoke politely and did not simplify words (are -> r), so I liked her fanfictions! A lot. The drawing above was for MitsukiShiroi's fanfiction Metamorphosis.

I felt like I wanna draw them again hee hee :D it's been 7-8 years since then!

And then I even wrote an Itachi x Sakura fanfic, titled Engagement Games. I last updated it on 2008, during my first year of high school. I found it hard to juggle between school work and fanfic, so I kind of left that story... At that time I felt that high school was definitely different from junior high school. Heck, even during my final exams of junior high I can still write fanfictions! At high school? T____T....

I was feeling kind of guilty to my readers--- so I kind of made a sequel to it, but half-heartedly. I think the readers ended up kinda disappointed, and I myself felt that I wasn't giving it my all. So I deleted the sequel, and continued it within the Engagement Games story... engagement to wedding wasn't supposed to be that fast... right.. hee hee (looking for excuses)

Come to think of it... my inspirations as that time were..
- At 8th grade I went to this retreat house (Indo: rumah retret) (for Jakarta people, it was Rumah Retret Canossa in Bintaro). The interiors were what I imagined while writing Engagement Games... and my reviewers told me I described the interiors of the building very well! Thank God... hahaha!
- Chieko Hara comics especially Legenda Pelangi (I dunno if this has an English title) and Fostine.

I remember replying to every single review that came from users, and even made friends with some of them! One that I am still friends with is Ria (yay for another Indonesian!), Yuri and Suzanna :B Gosh I had so much free time during high school... replying to every single review. I think my fanfiction was quite safe though, I only remembered this one anonymous reviewer flaming me, but I did not notice him until later.

2008 was kind of the golden age for good Itachi x Sakura and Sasuke x Sakura fanfictions... for me. There must be other really good fanfic writer before and after, but so far that I know, it was like the golden age for me LOL-- maybe because my favorite writers at that time were of the same age with me... they discontinued writing fanfics again because they started getting busy at a similar time.

My favorite authors are:
XxSeriouslyJadedxX - This author writes amazing Sasuke x Sakura fanfictions. I think she depicted Sasuke very well, although Sasuke does not necessarily have to be that way in order to be in character.
MitsukiShiroi - Award-winning Itachi x Sakura writer :D she writes very mature topics-- not the high school sort. But anyways, she's a great writer !
Celtic Oak - Also a writes in a very mature manner -- she writes only a few fanfics but they are great!
Black Belt - I really liked the author's Wife Contest and Double Dare. The author does not write only for Naruto though =)
blackbloodedkunoichi - She wrote a lot of good fanfics so I decided her as one of my favorite! :B
Lexy The Thief - I was following her for quite a long time because she was also an Indonesian living in Jakarta. Things were a bit awkward at first because I never met her before and I tried talking to her on facebook, but then we went to the same university (she's my senior) and then I admitted my stalking days! LOL. We ended up having mutual friends, and even got close for a short while hee hee :B She's now busy so I never see her again :"(
angel-puppeteer - Writes exclusively for Naruto (which makes me happy) and writes a lot of good fanfics! Great for inspiration :B
AnimeSenko - Started liking her since her fic Worlds Apart.
brezoflower - Kissing Contest!
pei-chan - Awesome English! and for her fanfic Engagement on Hold
Chiame-Yoru - I think this author changed his/her name, because I remembered the author's name was melody something--but anyways, I loved this author's fanfic All Guys Konoha High! which sadly is on hiatus T__T
Siy - A lot of great fanfics :B
Lady Jaja - Liked her for her fanfic More Than Words!
boredteenager - For the perverted fanfics! LOL

There are some others, but I remembered really liking their fanfics that I stalked them if they had DA accounts hee hee! A lot of them are in my favorites list for several reasons:
- They are an Ita x Saku writer
- They wrote Ita x Saku or Sasu x Saku the way I liked it. (and with normal pairings when Sasuke is paired with Sakura, such as Naruto x Hinata, Neji x Tenten, Shikamaru x Ino)
- Their English is awesome
- Their sense of humor is awesome and I find them really funny. I remembered one fanfiction of Kisame answering a phone call with a threat or something like that XD
- I liked almost all of their fanfictions

But there are also writers who managed to make OOCness into somewhat possible (and can still be IC), but I forgot who's on this list. Oh! As an Itachi x Sakura fan, I rummaged through almost all the existing Itachi x Sakura fanfics at around 2006-2007. Especially the M-rated ones! I wanted something that's a bit.. you know-- dirty. M-rated fanfics were only one or two pages, and without any filter, Itachi x Sakura fanfics were only 4 pages. (FOUR!) There weren't many good Itachi x Sakura fanfictions at that time (a lot of them too OOC) so I tried to make a good one! Well not the best, but at least make a good one! :)

Aaand... any Itachi x Sakura fanfiction fan would know-- leafygirl (now lastyearsthing). She was this legendary Itachi x Sakura writer, with her fanfiction Loophole. I often read MitsukiShiroi and she was often compared to leafygirl (trolls, haters, whatsoever), but I still much preferred MitsukiShiroi's fanfics. I guess Loophole was too heavy for the junior high school me.

And now.........

I have the intention to write... again. AND WHY DOES IT COME NEAR THE FINAL EXAM PERIOD??!? Gosh I have a final project due next Friday... not good. ARGHHHH back to work.. back to work...

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  1. Ahaha... that's funny bel. Glad that you wanna write again, but yes, it's always against our time constraint, right? ;P

    1. Memories... :") It's kinda nostalgic-- udah hampir a decade ago ya.. jaman SMP..

      Yes, and especially during finals T.T pas lagi gak ujian, bawaannya hang out mulu... (ga produktif ya..)

  2. Glad to see you're still around! :) A friend pointed me towards this post! x Mitsuki Shiroi


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