2012 photo shoots

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I should blog more -3-

Old photoshoots ! In no particular order.

A long time ago, around November 2012, me and my friends decided to have this just-for-fun photo shoot in our university's photo studio. A friend of mine did Lana Del Rey inspired makeup on me :)

The first two pictures were mobile phone pictures, so bear with the bad quality +_+
The latter 2 pictures was taken and edited by my friend Jessica

Next, I did another photo shoot to help my friend's project. It was also around November 2012. My body is not exactly model-type, and I myself think that I'm not that suitable for Black Swan (to look like Natalie Portman) but I think at that time my tummy was flat enough T_T she was nearing her deadline and I have the makeup skills to get the job done.

Theme: Black Swan

So I looked over YouTube to find a tutorial-- I knew Michelle Phan had made one, but I looked over some other videos as well. In the end, I still think Michelle Phan's tutorial is the best. She gives easy instructions on how to achieve the Black Swan look so I managed to follow easily. The others were good, but I still like how Michelle makes her videos; the flow is there, from step 1 to the last step.

Ok so here we go...

Tiara and dress was owned by my friend. Makeup all done by me +.+ (no contour yet) it really is not a hard look to recreate. All you need is black cream eye liner, shimmering white/ivory cream-based eyeshadow or liner, white pencil eye liner, wine red lipstick, bronzer and foundation 2 shades lighter than your normal skin color. No complex eyeshadow color mixing here; just black, white, and red.

Following Michelle Phan's instructions, I put on foundation approximately two shades lighter plus some concealer, and drew the Black Swan eye shape that I wanted using white pencil eye liner. I forgot which one I applied first, the black part or the white part, but at that time, it didn't really matter to me LOL

Black cream eyeshadow I used was Maybelline's Lasting Drama EyeStudio Black Gel Eyeliner.
(Picture from prettymuchreviews.blogspot.com)

For the white part I used Shu Uemura's Cream Eyeshadow in Ivory.
(Pictures from onestopwh.blogspot.com)

It really felt like drawing on your face :D I felt like wanting to layer black over black over and over again. For the lips, I used Michelle Phan's trick to get vampy lips--mixing black eye or lip liner with red lipstick.
The red lipstick I used was Maybelline's Colorsensational Moisture Extreme Lipcolor in Wine (R41).
Left one is Wine color
(Picture from http://www.quirkychic.me/lipstick-love/ )

I love that lipstick but it's not really for everyday look--I might look creepy!

The assignment's theme was Hollywood Glam, and my friend wanted Black Swan inspired glam. When I see the pictures again, I feel like it's vintage-ish  inspired too (1950s/1960s?) since the feather plaits had to be there.

There weren't many good shots x_x My friend was quite unprepared regarding lighting, poses, and etc, but at least that's not a group assignment (or else I'll stress out as well) XD tee hee! I enjoyed it nevertheless, even though trying ballerina poses was tiring (I'm not a ballerina). I tied my hair into a bun, wore tiara and feather plaits-- glam enough?

After the photoshoot was wrapped up, some of my friends came over to see and snapped some more pictures :3 hee hee! This time, I already let my hair loose (notice the hair band on my wrist? LOL)


Okay, this one is even older. It dates back to May 2012 I think...

This was for my photography final project... if I'm not wrong. Yes, I'm very narcissistic for making myself a model, but deep inside I'm also lazy at finding a good model for my photo book because I'm not very into photography +_+ I don't care about grades any more...

And then on July 2012, I dragged my best friend to my university to have this just-for-fun photo shoot :D

I like this picture the best! 
I just flipped the photo horizontally, but I think I still prefer the first one.

I shall only post a few :P Besides, at that time I wasn't in my best body shape +_+ my weight fluctuates because I can't keep a healthy diet to stay in shape... sigh

Below are some pictures of me and my bestie!

My long hair has since gone! And I don't think I'm going back to that length-- it disturbs you when you work out =_= I'd rather keep a shoulder-length hair now. I used to think long hair was elegant and pretty, but it's the same as no good when you don't take care of it well T__T my hair falls a lot and tie crazy knots. It became so annoying I decided to cut a lot of my hair XD

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