Campus Life Part III - Pets and New Decor!

10:14 AM

It's been over a month or so since Campus Life added a pet feature! I can't say I like it, since it only adds something cute to the house-- and more maintenance (I need more energy without diamonds dammit). They have a happiness meter, which, when depleted, will make the pets take a rest (THANKFULLY!). At least they don't disappear so you have to re-buy them just because you don't pet them or feed them.

The happiness meter -__-

Bunny, as cute as you are, you can go rest for as long as you wish :")

The bunny is sleeping-- the dog is also currently sleeping. And the cat asks for food.

The bunny is my favorite pet because it looks very cute when it's digging :P

Bunny is seeking for attention :B

New decor ! I don't always buy the limited edition ones because some of them require diamonds-- I ain't gonna buy them all the time :( but when it requires only cash, I try to get them all unless the items don't really interest me.

This wolf set is horrendous. Before the wolf quest (apparently inspired by the Red Riding Hood), it was the Cinco de Mayo quest, so my character still has fiesta glasses and sombrero behind her. Mixed with the wolf clothing, she looks damn awful. And we haven't counted the purple Lolita hair that doesn't match any of the clothing she wears. Ergh. When I saw the quest, I was eager to complete it because I thought I'd be getting a cute red riding hood attire like the girl in the quest was wearing, as it's usually the case-- we get the clothes that the girl is wearing. Well, not always the case, such as this:
I'd like the shoes she's wearing too! But I did not complete this quest as it requires diamonds :")

Back to the red riding hood case...
It's okay if the rewards were different, but the rewards were.... Wolf Corset, Wolf Sandals/Shoes (heck, I didn't even remember) and Wolf Ears.


Super ugly.

Ok I know making 3D objects are no simple thing, but PG has designed so many cute and adorable stuff in Campus Life, so why the ugly wolf attire? :(((

At least, the decorations that we were required to buy in order to finish the quest was adorable.

The cottage and the carriage was very cute! Can't resist! I then bought some diamonds in order to purchase these :B the wolf tower was the quest item sprout. The other favorite item that comes from the quest is the Fairy Tale Bed!

I'd really love to have a bed like that! (The blue one)

I am so greedy-- I want two beds so I made two bedrooms. Oh, and I hate the door on the right of Victorian Painting and Drawer-- it's not supposed to be there! :( it becomes weird.
Decorating in Campus Life is nice, with all the awesome graphics and stuff, but placing stuff can be a bit of a hassle sometimes-- especially when you want to put something on the wall.
Take the Victorian painting for an example; I want it located above the drawer, but I can't. I have to give space for the painting and then the drawer. Why? Because the items cannot overlap each other :( the only thing that you can put stuff on is the Yoga Mat, Pilates Mat or rugs such as the recently released Indian Rug.

It's annoying! :((( but oh well...

One more thing... cheap furniture usually don't come with 4-direction-rotations. If you play Campus Life, the early items like Pizza Oven and Ice Cream Machine can only be rotated to two directions.

 Luckily, the pretty White Victorian Chair can rotate in 4 directions, so I can make it face the Victorian Vanity. Some newer furniture, but still cheap ones, such as Lavish Dining Chair, can rotate in four directions.

Look at my dining room :"D

Lavish Dining Table + Chairs, White Victorian Chairs, Indian Tapestries, Indian Incense, Indian Rugs and Record Player. Why did I mix Indian with Lavish and Victorian stuff? Well, the Lavish furniture have similar details to Victorian; pretty and detailed :B India was under the rule of Britain during the 19th century until 20th century-- so they definitely had influences on each other :D oh, and Black Butler manga was also one of the influences as to why I mixed Indian with Victorian :B

An art room next to a guest bedroom, next to a spa room, and located near the dining room--- I'm a terrible architect! Let's imagine this house is under renovation-- everything is cluttered (excuses). Well, terrible or not, this is how I wanted it. This house is a selfish house, so the art room is located near places you can relax at-- guest bedroom to sleep/take a nap, spa room to relax, and dining room to look for stuff to eat!

I haven't decorated the dressing room yet-- it only has a dressing room divider +_+
As for the bathroom, I am kinda annoyed at how small it is, although bathrooms aren't supposed to be bigger than bedrooms (but big bathrooms are always amazing!). The sad thing is, I want a shower in my bathroom, not a bathtub, and the only thing Campus Life currently have and with my current level, is the Spa Shower :")
There's a blue sink, very affordable in the bathroom section of the Decor Shop, but I figured the gift from building a bathroom fitted more with the shower and overall surrounding decorations.

A study room with a pig couch! What kind of study room is this?
Ah, I was supposed to add a book rack +__+ forgot! Added a clock to keep track of time, a painting for decoration, and a 1920s drawer to keep all the books!

I wish the study desk can be moved! It is really not that necessary to put it as a permanent decoration when you can access the same stuff from the Play! menu bar. And also the dog statue that when tapped, brings you to the pet shop window (I'm too lazy to screenshot for now; if I remember I'll go back to this post and upload after I took a screenshot)--- I hope for it to disappear as soon as I buy all the available pets!

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