Water color :")

7:50 AM

Drawing classes get more colorful as the weeks go by. It is saddening to hear that the semester will be over soon..... and I will have to say goodbye to Drawing II class T________________T

And we were just starting on experimenting with watercolor.....

Anyways, the horse was an in-class exercise during drawing class, we have to draw from the reference picture our lecturer has given us (which is a horse), and we are allowed to use any color we want. Almost every of my classmates did well! They might say their horse looks awful, but I think they do not look awful >_<

I used black and this burnt umber color, but the majority was black. I like messy, so I do it the messy way . I added the Chinese character for horse on the lower right corner, and also added my Chinese name on the lower left corner to add to the Chinese feel in the picture XD

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  1. You are really great at drrawing Bella, I miss seeing your works at your legendary drawing book :'(


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