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Okay, I am surely a bad student for playing these games on the verge of final exams... but I still do my job :")

LINE Wind Runner!

I started playing this game less than a month ago (11th May) because of a friend's invitation.. and I'm going crazy frenzy about this game!

I see that this game lacks FAQ or something of the sort-- or I just don't check forums that much. The only game forum I check is the PocketGems forum for Campus Life since it doesn't have its own wiki like Paradise Cove. Okay, so what I'm going to post is... a list of Rare Premium Summons! I collected them all :D

As for the item and gold boost, you Wind Runner players can check themselves by tapping on the respective round platforms! :) So I don't need to post every single detail about the pets... or later when I'm going to write a FAQ about it :""D

This is what happens when you have 15 Rare Points!
           Once you get 15 Rare Points, you can summon a Super Rare for free! Weee!!!

I have four kinds of Super Rare pets at the moment, two of which can be seen at the screenshot above the summoning picture :)

I have a legend!

Yes I do, and I owe my thanks to the event running from 31st May until 3rd of June below.



Protection from Fireballs! Ever since I saw the list of legend pets I always wanted the fireball protection one... cause I keep getting hit due to panicking when the fireball warnings come! T___T

And I got it! I'm so happy :) It increases the amount of coins I get, added with my riding pet which is White Tiger-- it doubles the amount of coins you get.

My journey at first was harsh-- I got many coins and shoes by inviting friends; my goal being the Griffin (invite 40 friends). I wanted a free White Tiger by inviting 99 friends, but I don't have that many friends in Line hee hee :D so I just targeted the 60 invitations.

After I got Griffin, I leveled him up to level 15 before fully playing for the sake of MONEY. I saved money until I can buy White Tiger (15.000 coins). Happy with my newest pet but unhappy for the lack of gliding ability, I set out to earn money, money and money. I leveled White Tiger up to level 25! I must be crazy to make him a level 25 in five days.... (Bad bad bad bella, playing games everyday)

This was on May 16th

This was on May 18th

This was on May 19th

This was on May 21st

This means I get five levels per day (which is kinda crazy and bad... for playing so much), except for between level 20 to 25, because it's more expensive.

And then I saw my friend getting a Fenrir for his pet. I was like 'o_o I wanted that too!' (but I prioritized White Tiger for its double coins ability). Soon after, I invited more friends (20 more) to get 10.000 extra coins. Aaaaand then shortly after, Wind Runner released a new character: Kylie.

While I was making money to buy Fenrir (28.000 coins), Kylie appeared (30.000 coins). And then I thought, if I buy Fenrir, I won't get easy coins-- I'd just spend 28.000 coins and get money back in the same hard way, but with Kylie, due to its 300m start dash + Fever score times three ability, I'd definitely get easy money! Meaning, getting another 30.000 coins won't be as hard as I'd get higher scores with Kylie, equivalent to more coins.

So I bought Kylie.

Leveled her up to level 5 just for the sake of an accessory :P and continued making crazy money and crazy high score.

My current high score is 123.903-- with Ganesha and Happy Berd as my pets.

For the Game Center, I don't think this score is that incredible... but at least among my friends, I'm the current numero uno! Hee hee!!

After I got Kylie, I resumed my previous goal, which is to get Fenrir.

Now I have three riding pets! :D

If I remember correctly, Fenrir is more costly than other pets. I remember the amount of coins to level a Lv.10 Fenrir up equals the Lv.15 Griffin. So I left him be, and went to play with White Tiger again!

(Screenshot was before I got Happy Berd!
 Was using Black Horned Owl as flying pet)

That's all I have for now :) once I finish all the Super Rares, I will post here again :D there's no telling when I get to complete the whole collection though--- especially the legends. I can do premium summon 4-5 times or maybe more, per day, if I have lots of free time (or am procrastinating).

If I get bored, I'll just collect all the normal summons first and show them in another post! :D I'll definitely collect the normal summons much quicker since it's 2000 less gold, and you can't get the same pet if the tips are telling the truth... (in premium summon you get rare/super rare points for getting the same pet).

See you on the next (I don't know when) Wind Runner post! :D

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  1. Ganesha!

    Go for white tiger, Kylie and a start dash.
    You will directly jump to the first fever time!

    Sometimes you will enter with magnet / giant... + Kylie's power.. :3

    My best is actually 165k first run after owned Newgate :3. Faun Kylie both l. 25 + Newgate (legend) and Blemen (super rare) + start dash and last sprut..
    Gl&Hf enjoy and.. Nice blog :3

    1. Yes, I always use Start Dash in order to prevent stupid mistakes before the first Fever Time XD Thanks for visiting :3

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  2. Not sure how to get a legend without spending UBER cash :(

    1. i have never got a legend pet too.
      dunno how to get it.
      i have already spent 900k of gold :(

    2. You should collect 15 super rare points ( summoning an already obtained super rare pet 15 times ) and you suposed to get a free summon for a legend.

      Thats the easy way

      the hard way is by... luck

  3. Legends are simply hard to get. After spamming so much gold on pets, I only own 2 legends, Kurma & Ganesha. Sigh.

    1. I know right :( but having Ganesha is great! :)

  4. if my computations are correct...
    there are:
    22 rare pets..
    18 super rare..
    for every 15 points of rare pet, you get 1 super rare pet.. I can get 5k points for 5 runs (using white tiger lvl25, kylie lvl25 and 2 rare pets) supposing that you already collected all rare pets (if not, u need 110,000 gold)

    5k golds x 15 points = 75k golds = 1 super rare
    75k golds x 18 super rare pets = 1,350,000 golds

    so u need 1 month to collect all super rare pets (if you are playing 8 hrs a day 1k golds per run)

    1. Holy sh** hahaha I never counted that meticulously. I depend mostly on luck, so far I have spent more than 1 million Gold though :") and then the amount of pets keep increasing...

  5. Anyone please add my line id gandyhalim
    I play windrunner line and need more friend... thx

  6. lol if you are a bad student then I should downright be condemned because I leveled White Tiger to 25 in like 3 days xD I bought like around 15 premiere pets in 2 days during the event which sold them at 3500 Gold XD

    Sadly, me being unlucky could only summon 1 legendary pet. (Ganesha)

    I earned 50K Gold in a day to buy Luke as well XD (I had saved all the shoes my friend sent me LOL and used it that day lol).

    Line id: daigokitamura

    1. LOL! I know that feeling-- you just can't stop playing. That's when you're not bored yet :P added you btw! I started playing it again haha

  7. Isabel add my id line : bagusanggardajaya and lets play wind runner together

  8. Anyone is welcome to add me as well, line is nachomasterx. Thanks

  9. My line is ed tony2105. I'm new to this game and would love to have some friends to play with.


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