LINE Wind Runner Part 2

10:55 AM

Hello again!

LINE Wind Runner is now on TV.

I'm pretty sure they're in Japanese TVs. They have a promo for inviting friends... but I'm not very interested in it. :s

Oh, speaking of promos, Wind Runner should make this promo reappear.

Why, why did it stop :""")


Collecting all the super rares are indeed no EASY TASK.

I bet the percentage of getting a super rare is like 0,0000000000001%.



Okay, I know I am exaggerating. But I'm serious. The reason I managed to collect all rare summons + several super rares + 1 legend was because of the 150% increased chance to get super rare or better..

So here's my progress. LINE Wind Runner has released two new rare summons: Kingjewel and Blenbird (is it Blenbird? It's blurry)

I circled them for you to find easily!

I don't want to waste my shoes in playing with mere rare pets, so I took a screenshot of this! This should be what they look like when you take them for a run :)

They also have two new Super Rares: Marco and Thatcher, and one new Legend, Newgate. Which I unfortunately haven't got yet.

In my Super Rare pets collection, I got three new ones: Elmo Unicorn, Rainbow Big Bird and Vroom Vroom Monster. Elmo Unicorn is a cute pink-haired unicorn, Rainbow Big Bird is a rainbow-colored axe beak, and Vroom Vroom Monster is a funky wild boar (almost wrote forest pig--you Indonesians would know what I mean). 

I had to get 15 rare points to get a super rare most of the time, and when I finally got it.... I end up with an existing super rare. Most often to appear was Vroom Vroom Monster. Dearest Vroom Vroom Monster, I'll chop you and cook you for dinner.

Screenshots with my new super rare pets +.+

I'm sorry I have just liitle info for this update, I am trying T_T but the Goddess of Luck is just not on my side right now. Oh! I have new high scores! Last time, in my update my personal best was 123 thousand. Now it's become 198 thousand!

Let's see the progress :B

Whee! 161k!

And then one time I was SO CLOSE to beating my personal best...

Freaking 158k! A few more thousands and I'd have beaten it!
But then I got better!

This was my record when my high score was 172k. I earned a total of 707,969 gold.... in.... 45 days. May 11th - June 24th. Average gold per day would be... 15732.64. I AM crazy. For playing too much. T___T I played 1,067 games... I played since May 11th, so that makes my average plays per day 1,067/45: 23.71


23 divided by 5: 4.6

I open the app this many times per day on average... :"")

Ok drum roll please...

TA-DA! My newest high score! Just did it this week!

This was during the fourth fever time, and I decided to take a shot! :B

I have new Dragon Flight updates, but I reckon I'll do it after the 26th... after my last final project (which I hate) is done. I despise Audio Visual project.... We had to make a slideshow of photos with text and music. I'm really not into filming and stuff... although video editing is helpful no matter what. But but but.... I dislike it. That's why I rebel :( as long as I pass, and not with a C, I'm fine with it. Pfft.

But to be wise, I have to see that in this project I can learn about many stuff, as much as I hate the project.


Starting from this semester, there would be more group projects-- for some subjects. In Audio Visual, as the name suggests, it's almost impossible that a project would be assigned as individual project. To be honest, I don't like group work. I much prefer working alone. Maybe it's because I'm naturally a shy person, and also because I dislike fixed work schedule (which is bad). In individual projects, unless it's a photoshoot or something involving a client, If I screw up nobody would get blamed or there'd be no hard feelings because the only person you can blame is yourself, for being a procrastinator and having bad time management skills.

But that's where you try to improve yourself.... when interacting with others.

Gosh life is so complicated. There are just times when you want to rebel to all the stuff that is the standard in society. SIGH.

Enough with my midnight rambles, I shall go to sleep.

See you on the next post!

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