I can't reply to comments....

8:07 AM

Hello hello! Long time no see!

PROBLEM: I cannot reply to any comments!

The last time I was able to reply a reader's comment was when... May? I replied to my friend Elda.

BUT ONE BLOGGER REPLIED TO ONE OF THE COMMENTS IN MY BLOG ENTRY. Why... why can't I? I haven't done thorough Google research, so after months and days of delay, I'd rather post something first.

In March, MitsukiShiroi commented on my fanfiction entry.... I WANTED TO REPLY. But I wasn't able to. ||||||Orz

For Mitsuki, I was so glad that you actually bumped into my post *sheds tears of joy* you were my idol *.*

And as for my Wind Runner post commenters...

I can only reply to you guys here... as I don't know the solution yet as of now..

@puii hmar: Can do what to be exact? If you meant the score... it's a combination of luck mostly, and skill (practice makes perfect). If it's the legend, it's always LUCK.

@Mickaëll VO: Umm yes that's what I did, but thank you for the tips. Magnet or Giant depends on what power ups you're getting, that's for sure. Sometimes you may even get unlucky with just the Cloud Bridge powerup which does nothing in fever time. That's nice! With practice, I'm sure you'll get better. Thank you for the compliment! :)

@Edward: I agree on that. UBER cash and UBER luck.

@Edward (on Wind Runner 2): Tee hee! Glad you enjoyed it!

@Felix: I don't know how much gold I already spent on pets.. but it's kind of depressing isn't it... you just need luck and perseverance to get a legend-- because you'll get the 15 points exchange eventually..

@Vivian: I have Ganesha and Ratatoskr now. Cruel is WEME. I was hoping to get a flying legend for the 15 point exchange... AND IT GAVE ME ANOTHER LAND LEGEND PET. Yes, thank you very much. Unfortunately I ain't going to substitute my immunity to fireballs :""") and yes, we had to spam on summoning pets... 5.000 x idontknowhowmanytimes :(((


I want to post an entry for my holidaying season. But... but....

I'll do it somehow... later. :"""")

To-do-list: Post my super little progress as of now for my calisthenics training, trip to Bangkok and finally, trip to Taiwan. I'm cleaning up my room now to look for things that I've hidden somewhere but forgot where I put it! Like my Crash Team Racing CD, my Spyro Year of the Dragon CD, my Biore Makeup Remover + Facial Wash bottle.... WOE IS ME. For being so brutally unorganized. Yay. T__________T

Okay, ta ta for now!

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