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I am posting out-of-date stuff on Wind Runner, as I was enthusiastically playing this game during my Christmas holidays; I started on 18th December, and started to get bored on the beginning of January. Now, with lectures starting again, and constant app crash on my iPad, I just don't feel like playing it for the moment, and probably for quite some time.

One of my accomplishments during that period was:

1. Got a high score of 4.1 million in Classic Mode.

2. Got 1st rank in Silver and Gold Medal Championships, and my best score to date in Championship Mode is 839,564.

Silver Medal Championship

The score I got for Gold Medal Championship

3. Got the limited edition A-rank Brown card.

Got Brown on my second try in combining two B+5 cards!

Before I got Brown, I got an A-rank Kylie card. It's not going to give you scores as high as Brown's, because it relies on how much fever modes you get. I wonder how it's going to be in Super Fever though-- how much score boost will I get?

4. Evolved my Dragon pet.

Man, that was a lot of Gold spent. But Dragon is the reason why I managed to get 4.1 million high score.

5. Got a new legend pet by luck : Newgate.

I did not use it though; I preferred Baby Rudolph as my flying pet for its +2.5sec Sky Fly ability.

4.1 million?

This is not impossible to get, but it is TIRING to get. I play it the safe way, so I try to not die anytime possible, because I panic when I don't have the barrier. You will, of course, need the Dragon pet. I recommend an evolved Dragon.

You definitely need patience. Patience. PATIENCE. In playing that lucky round, I mean. To get 4 million, I had to spend more than 30 minutes of my day.... for a single round. That is, if you play normally, without committing suicide on a long line of ice blocks to get accelerated score or using other tricks to get higher scores without having to run 26k meters.

It is not that I am not happy by obtaining this high score, but I am seriously feeling in the middle of wanting to die and not wanting to die. I was going to play a final round before I sleep, and then.... this happened. :")

One of my Wind Runner friends told me he got over 2 million in running just 6k meters. (o_o)!

In my case, running 6000 meters will only result in 900 thousand-ish of score.


LINE Wind Runner has changed a lot since I last played it a few months ago. The character system was different, there are evolved pets, there's the championship mode, legend pet now has levels, the user interface is different, but one thing stayed the same: no in-game terms and how-to help section.

One thing I have always been clueless about is how to level up your legend pets. The most recent event says if you level up your legend pet up to level 10, they will emit Magnet power-up, but in my pets page, it only says 0/1 although it does say what bonuses you will get at level 5 and 10. HOW?

I just hope that someone who knows about it blogs it. Since I haven't been playing it a lot lately, I also did not really care, but I wanted to know how to level the pets up.

The new character system will make you spend LOTS of gold. Because you depend on luck, patience, and money to buy card packs. Unless you're a hardcore gamer who will readily spend money on rubies, I suggest buying the 10+1 card pack which costs 30,000 gold.

I did not understand Star Score x4 or whatever number can affect your score. It can actually really boost your score, since you get stars most of the time. Chloe used to be kind of useless and just for beginners in the old character system, but now when leveled up to higher ranks such as rank A or B, she can be good to use as well. I still like Kylie, and grew a liking to Scarlet, the princess.

Now all characters have start dash boost, so what used to be Kylie's specialty in the old character system is now every character's ability. You can look up to my first post on LINE Wind Runner to see Kylie in the old character system.


This pet is how you can get millions and millions of score. As written in the help section about Dragon pet, Dragon has a barrier which will regenerate every 30 seconds once you hit something and got protected by the barrier. When you evolve Dragon, the regeneration interval becomes only 20 seconds!

I started playing the game again after a lot of events had passed, so I asked my friend how Dragon works. I was confused as to what Dragon's description meant.

Recover every 30s. Evolve & 20s Keep Barrier.

I was like, what the hell does this mean?

I fully understood how amazing this pet is after my friend explained it to me, in detail. He said he was (jokingly) so disappointed that I did not know how godly this pet is. Unfortunately, you can only get a max of 5,100 gold when using Dragon, compared to 7,650 if you're using White Tiger. Because of the constant need for gold, I only use Dragon occasionally, but I always use it for Championship mode.

So basically, you start off with a red barrier. Cannot see in this picture because it's on Incredible mode, but you see the red dragon icon next to your score box? If you have a full-faced dragon, that means you have the barrier.

It will stay as long as you don't die. It doesn't matter if it's more than 30 seconds. If you hit something, miss a platform, or any other that causes you to die, the dragon will do this:

It destroys everything in the way for about 2 seconds. Very beneficial when you die at a long line of ice blocks. Yummy stars! After it breathes fire, you will go back to normal size and form, and if your dragon has not evolved, you will get the barrier back after 30 seconds, and 20 seconds if your dragon is already evolved.


Legend pet picture!

Disclaimer: this is not mine. It's my friend's Wind Runner, I just asked for the picture of his collection of legend pets. He is a lucky bastard. =P

I bet there are blogs out there who has lots of legends, and a complete set of super rare and rare pets (I've seen some of windrunnerextreme's posts), but here's some if you're curious!

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  1. Though I have experienced almost all what you said, your post still amazes me because FINALLY for the first time I find a detailed post about the WIND Runner version I am playing! Thank you for your post!

    About the level of legend pets, I guess to upgrade them we will need legend points( like rare points and super rare points for duplicated rare& super rare pets). How much legend points to achieve lv 10 is unknown, but surely it would require an infinite amount of gold!

  2. Aww thanks! I am flattered :3 you're very welcome!

    Yeah, it does go that way. You need to get the same pet to level that legend pet up.... crazy!

  3. almost seems impossible to attain that much gold, and even if you do, what are the chances that you will get the exact legend you want to get leveled. That aside, you still need to attain your higher ranked Cards. S class seems impossible as well

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. S-Class is not impossible to get. I have 5 S-cards, 2 Stellas and 2 Scarlets (horribly useless) and 1 Leo. I've been trying to get S-Chloe, but luck is not on my side. 1 S-card takes about 1.5 million gold approx. Sometimes it takes more or less. All depends on luck. The best way is to use D cards to level A cards. It takes 51 Ds to level an A. 255 Ds for a level 5 A card. But success is not as rare as it looks, sometimes you succeed consecutively, so the amount of card and gold required is considerably less than the required amount.

    As for leveling legends. You need to summon them again to gain 1 level. But the amount of same legend summon needed rises with level. From level 1-3 it's 1 legend per level, from 3-6 it takes 2 legend summons to level, from 6-9 it's 3 and at for level 10, it requires 4 legend summons. So you must summon the same legend 22 times to reach level 10. It takes 55450 summons to get all the legends to level 10, if we assume the worst-case scenario i.e you don't get any super rare or legends from the tickets and you only summon them using the points. Which is approx 272.2 million gold. During a sale i.e at 3500 gold per summon, it approx. takes 194 million gold. Though if you are lucky, you may only need to spend abt 50-60 million as super rare and legends can be summoned using the premiere tickets (50K for 11 summons or 5K for 1).

    Magnet during fever...if you've played Kakaotalk Windrunner, it's the ability of the legend Kaola (Gaia in line WR) and the Super legend Sloth.

    My line ID is daigokitamura if anyone wants to add me.

  6. What does the 'keep barrier' mean for evolved dragon? At first I thougt it meant you can keep the blue barrier if you purchase a shield item as long as you don't fall off a cliff or a cloud, but I tried it and lost the blue barrier when I hit a monster. Thx!

    1. Hi sorry I was always so lazy in replying (my bad). When I see this comment, this was already over a year ago.. damn.

      But it seems you didn't read my post well. I explained how I was confused with the meaning of keep barrier, and by now I also have forgotten about it-- when Dragon is not evolved, the barrier will dissipate after a set amount of time. When evolved, the barrier will last until you hit something and die. As long as you never die while barrierless, you're practically invincible.

  7. Waaaaa proo comment! Add me ya! Wahsiuchen

  8. Hi, do you have any tips to get as far as 25.000 m? I usually can only go as far as 7.000

    1. I can only advise this: practice makes perfect.

      With practice, you'll learn to adapt with the terrains and find out ways how to jump accordingly.


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