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The Four Temperaments

Anyone who made that website content. Is a genius.


I am mostly a sanguine. And then I'm partly melancholic or phlegmatic (haven't really checked).

Reading that article made me feel like I'm invisible.... it's so me in many ways. I think everyone should be a combination of at least two; but there must be one major temperament that really describes you.

Lemme quote parts of it:

In a nutshell = Sanguine people are boisterous, bubbly, chatty, openly emotional, social extroverts.

They're social, expressive, and attention-seeking. Out of all, expressive is the most 'me'. I'm social, but I'm not a social butterfly, because I have lots of friends but then I don't know them all that well. Attention-seeking... this part is not very dominant. I'm shy. ;)



Sanguines find social interactions with faces both familiar and unfamiliar invigorating. This is how they recharge, and time alone - while sometimes desirable - can bore them quickly.

Hmm... to be honest, yes. But then what goes through my mind is: "when am I gonna meet this person again? I don't think we'll meet often after this..."

The more people they're surrounded by, the better they feel, and they're not picky about who they get to know. They enjoy having many, many friends.

This is one of the parts that are not very true about me. I'm quite picky. I don't particularly like to befriend some stranger that I see smoking. I hate cigarettes. However, when other opportunity comes for us to get acquainted with each other such as in class, I am perfectly okay.

They are talkers more than they are listeners.


They may move away from friends that they consider to be boring or dull.

But I usually think twice before really doing that. I often feel uneasy because doing it makes me feel guilty :/

They are bubbly, fun-loving, extroverted people-people who are always in the mood for a good time. They love wild nights out.

Yes! but I don't often go for a wild night out. But I love fun!

They make friends quickly, and they'll cheerily talk to strangers. People of the melancholic temperament might perceive a room of twenty strangers as frightening or uncomfortable, while a sanguine might see them as opportunities to meet new friends.

This... depends. Whew, I can be both.

They are not picky, and will usually like more things than they dislike. They tend to enjoy things that are trendy, popular, and so on.

I like trendy things. I don't always buy them, of course, but this really applies to me in terms of makeup! I tend to want to buy award-winning makeup products. Like more than dislike... I think? I do say I like something more often than I say I dislike something.

They enjoy social situations, and believe that everyone else would too. They're likely to convince people to come along with things like 'come on, you'll enjoy it!' or 'you don't know what you're missing!'

..... *hides*

Being friends with a Sanguine is often as simple as knowing each other's face and name.


They aren't particularly trustworthy... as they'll be too eager to spill secrets with others, and their general flightiness can make them unreliable as they're likely to get easily distracted by other things.

Whoops! I tell my friends about my friends' embarrassing moments, but I know my limits! I have a properly working superego, I do feel guilty when I spill the beans. I feel the need to release my emotions, and most of the time, through words. This is why I write diaries. Don't immediately unfriend your sanguine friends! I'm pretty sure they know as well what can be talked about and what to not talk about :')

Oh, and I am indeed VERY easily distracted.



They are talkative, and speak in a friendly, energetic, playful kind of way; they're often charismatic, and when interacting with them, you can feel like you've known them all your life.

Haha! Maybe yes :P I'm very chatty, but when I'm in a small group!

They are very emotional, and their emotions can be extreme but fleeting. They are the sorts who will be screaming "I HATE YOU I HATE YOU!!" one day, then mere hours later, they'll be profusely apologising about it, then expecting everything to all be water under the bridge after that.

T-This................... I don't expect all the water under the bridge after that, I feel immense guilt... but... this is... too true.

They are quick to 'forgive and forget' - and expect others to do the same - because they live in the moment rather than dwelling in the past.

The reason why I can't hate people. I can't even be mad at a person for too long.

They are extreme in their emotions, and may go through stages of melodramatic misery and self-loathing as well.

Holy cow.

Sanguines can be great motivators, as they'll enthusiastically encourage others towards action, and they see things positively, optimistically, and would convince others to see things that way too.

HOWEVER, this does not mean I can do it myself. I want to see you succeed! :')

They are naturally physical with others, very 'touchy-feely', openly expressing their affection through hugs and stroking and grabbing shoulders and things like that.

I am known as a huggy person.

They could not be said to be neat and tidy. They live in the moment, which can lead to poor planning or disorganisation, messiness.

My room is hardly ever tidy. HEHE!



They wish to fit in and be popular. Or, they'll seek to be Different in a way that will make them remarkable.

I once wished to be popular. But I am just not able to. I don't want to spend weekends partying, socializing, etc. I find it tiring.

They are dramatic, and will exaggerate to make things seem more extreme than they are.

I am! I am very well known for that ;)

They have a tendency to be vain, and to care about how they look.

Unfortunately, I only have half part of both vain and caring about how I look.....

They will show off their abilities to others in order to get praise.

Sometimes, yes.


Quotations from others:


The sanguine temperament is fundamentally sociable and pleasure-seeking; sanguine people are impulsive and charismatic. They tend to enjoy social gatherings, making new friends and tend to be boisterous. They are usually quite creative and often have many ideas. Sanguine personalities generally struggle with following tasks all the way through, are chronically late, and tend to be forgetful and sometimes a little sarcastic. Often, when they pursue a new hobby, they lose interest as soon as it ceases to be engaging or fun. They are very much people persons. They are talkative and not shy. Sanguine people are warm-hearted, lively and optimistic. They have been called "people-oriented extroverts."

I was gaping as I was reading this. Bold parts made me gape.


Friends who know me well, will know that if we meet at 10 AM for example, I might depart from home exactly at 10 AM or 10 minutes before 10 AM although it will take me 30-40 minutes to get there. I cannot be like this when I start working.


Maybe this is because I lack sleep, but this is one of my "chronic diseases". I can go to the bathroom with some stuff in hand, thinking and thinking "Did I forget something?" while walking. And then ending up going back and forth three times from bathroom to bedroom and vice versa. Why? First, I forgot my bra, then I go back to the bathroom, then I realized I didn't bring my panties, etc etc

Often, when they pursue a new hobby, they lose interest as soon as it ceases to be engaging or fun.

This is like a hammer hit to the head.

I had a goal in mind. I wanted to be able to do pull-ups. I started bar training during my holidays, and then I stopped shortly after lectures had started. Why? Dozens of homework. Ok ok I know this sounds like an excuse, but I had to choose: do my homework, or go training. I can train alone actually, but I'm too tired to have leftover dedication to train. I've never been an exercise enthusiast, so changing me that drastically will be hard. Maybe this is why I was never able to be an expert in one discipline, except for drawing. Even this is still quite far from expertise. :')

Solution: DO IT AT HOME! (no excuses)

However, when it's not your passion, it's really kind of hard. I was glad doing the training though! I liked dips because I wasn't able to do pull-ups yet, but really, going there is such a hassle FOR ME. I have to overcome this laziness in order to excel.


Yes, but I'm shy sometimes.


I'm not always optimistic, but I try to be. I have a friend who is very optimistic, and I am nothing compared to that!


I don't know what else to say. I can be an introvert or an extrovert depending on the person I am interacting with.


That's all! You can see for yourself which one fits your personality the best!

Other websites: Refined Perspectives

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  1. Melancholic in many ways. I know this first from my cousin and believed it more after hearing from a friend nowadays. It should be 2 elements though. Like you got a basic melancholic and a bit choleric or a bit phlegmatic. But the less dominant one can change throughout the time, depending on circumstances.

    Happy new year btw, Bella! Wish you all the best in 2014 and warm regards from afar :)

    1. Yeah, I agree. No one is 100% one of them, because you'd definitely have other personalities' characteristics :') ah yes, the less dominant ones can definitely change.

      Happy New Year juga Elda! :3 wish you all the best too!


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