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2:21 AM

I haven't posted LINE game blog posts in a while.

Line Pokopang!

For those who have LINE, they should know that Pokopang is one of their most popular games, with over 24 million downloads so far.

The game play is simple, you have to connect a minimum of 3 gems of the same color. Connect at least 4, and you get a cherry. Connect at least 10 gems, and you get a blueberry.

I've played this before it went booming, but still played it occasionally afterwards. I currently have a Lv. 46 weapon, and three animals.

The shop screen :)

My three loyal companions B-)

I got Kodi first since it was 50-friend-invite gift. And then, I got my second gold-star animal: Cottoni.



Before I got my next gold-star animal (Attila). I kept summoning because I wanted an all-gold animal combination. Getting Attila stopped my desire to summon more animals for the time being. And then at the latest game update, there's a new animal, probably limited edition....

I'm back to the dilemma of increasing my weapon level or gamble on animal summons. I don't want to spend money on diamonds just for premium summons :(


My high score for now is 2.9 million.

With the raw score being 2.3 million. Level bonuses do come in handy at times :p


And finally, my tips for Pokopang beginners! (in no particular order from 2nd and below)


Why is this? Because during Bonus Time, those two bombs do not have much worth. My guess is that, the amount of score the bomb gives depends on how many combos you currently have. By hitting the bombs like frenzy in the last 10 seconds, you will see that each bomb provides around 20-30k worth of score. The blue bomb can score up to 50k++! During Bonus Time, bombs never give more than 10k worth of score. In conclusion, I think that during Bonus Time, the combo is reset to zero, which is why they do not worth as much. The rainbow bombs sometimes only give you 500-800 when it chooses a gem color with very few amount on board. Oh, one more thing, if you like to see a lot of gems being bombed, make sure to use the blue bomb before it reaches the bottom. You're very lucky if you got the blue bomb in the middle, because you can let it stay there until the last 10 seconds or so to get a higher score boost!

Second advice is: Perseverance. Like any games, high scores require persistence of the player itself. So don't stop playing, but remember to play moderately! I can spend 30 minutes to 1 hour playing Pokopang only... and that is not good...

Third advice: Be cautious your level bar when playing. If it's nearing 100% and you ran out of clovers, make sure to not accept all the clovers in the mailbox! Accept them one by one. You should do this, unless, there's that friend in your friend list that diligently gives you clovers every day so you never run out of stock.

Fourth advice: I suggest that upgrading your weapons become first priority, unless you really can't stand the temptation of gambling on animal summons (I do sometimes).

Fifth advice: Buy animal slots when it's on discount! There's no telling when there will be discounts, but there will be! Do not use your gems for power ups yet! I bought one animal slot using the gems I got from leveling up, and another by buying a set of diamonds; but I think I only spent 2 or 3 dollars for the diamonds.

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