Thailand Trip - Part 2

7:37 AM

Warning: This is a super long post! With many pictures and text

Hello everyone!

Part one was done a few days ago, so here's the part two of this year's trip to Thailand +_+



After Sirocco yesterday night, today on my third day in Thailand, I am planning to go with a female friend of mine. She is half-Thai half-Indonesian, and is currently still studying in Chulalongkorn University. I met her while I was still in first year of high school, studying Japanese language with her. She was not my closest friend at that time, we were a group of four-- my high school senior, me, her friend and she, but she was the ONLY person I still kept in touch until now! Funny fate. By the way, the day that I went out with her was Thursday, and it happens so that I was in Thailand while she was still having holidays. Lucky!

I met up with her at Amarin Plaza, and she was looking at the Body Shop bazaar on the first floor of the plaza. I ended up looking at the bazaar as well-- and bought two Lily Cole makeup products.

I did not see Lily Cole makeup products in Indonesian Body Shop stores, or maybe I just did not go to Body Shop stores at all during the period of time they were selling it. I bought Lip & Cheek Dome (the orangey coral one) and Pearl Radiance Primer. The cheek dome was kind of a solution for me, who is a lazy ass in washing brushes. Pearl Radiance Primer.... I actually bought it because it looks unique.

While I was walking with my friend, I told her how I found school kids in Thailand very high-class, to go to malls such as Siam Paragon (brands there include Hermes, Burberry, Chanel, and other international luxury brands), and she said if they wore uniforms but they use makeup and have styled hair or at least, long hair, that means they're university students.

So I googled Thai university uniforms since I did not take a picture...

What I saw was the skirts are usually quite long, its length was until below the knee. However, when you Google search it, it seemed that many women changed their skirts to be more figure-fitting. I did not notice this during my stay in Thailand though :)

My friend and I walked to Central World mall from Amarin Plaza (our meeting point). I was so happy that she brought me here :D Boots drugstore!

Shower products with cute packaging!

Cute and adorable packaging is one of my greatest weaknesses. My friend brought me to Boots, a drugstore originated from England. They have lots of stuff that I don't find in Indonesia-- which makes me happy and sad at the same time. I am excited, but most of these stuff are stuff I won't be able to bring home in my luggage.

Soap & Glory

Soap & Glory are so typographically creative in designing their product packaging! We hardly find nicely packaged stuff like this in Indonesia, but if we had... maybe drugstores would be my favorite shopping place instead of clothing stores. HAHA!

Another thing that made me so happy my friend brought me to Central World mall was....


Siam Marketing at Central World mall

The store's name does not really fit the products they sell, but anyways.... I'M SO GLAD TO HAVE FOUND AN ART STORE! I immediately asked my friend if we can go see this store.

They sell LOTS of art materials. Sketch books, pens, pencils, charcoal, watercolor, Copic markers, Copic Multiliners, Copic Drawing Pens, fountain pens--- ART HAVEN.

I saw this Copic Drawing Pen in the shape of fountain pen, and asked if this was refillable. The owner of the shop said they also sell the refillable fountain pen, and also gave me an extra pack of ink. I bought the refillable one, but when I go to Bangkok again, I will definitely buy the non-refillable one. The ink of the refillable Copic fountain pen does not flow well on my sketchbook paper.

Afterwards, we continued strolling around the mall and found Chatime. I wanted a drink, so I bought a glass of green tea, sat down and had a nice chat. Around the time me and my friend are about to go out, I asked my parents where we could meet up. Originally, they wanted to pick me up at Central World mall but traffic was so bad they went back home to hotel immediately. It took them an hour just to go back to the hotel (was nearby, should only be a 10 minute drive or so)!

I was looking for LINE keyrings, but they are quite hard to find! When I eventually found a store that sells LINE keyrings, it was quite expensive. My friend suggested I check MBK because they sell various kinds of stuff, but she might not have the time to accompany me shopping. We were walking and walking, and suddenly when we realize we walked quite far, we found MBK center. My friend said she'll accompany me to the inside of MBK center and then leave. She has another appointment :"(

I'll be missing you Mar! :"))

I ventured around MBK center, and once I got up one floor, the first thing I saw was stores selling makeup. Fake makeup, most probably. They sold NAKED palette with the primer! And lots of other stuff. I bought it, but it's fake though, when I checked with some beauty blogs this palette mostly shows signs of fake NAKED palette when compared to the real one. It only cost me 350 THB, so of course it's fake! But I am somehow quite curious in how fake it is.

Thai counterfeit makeup creators sure did quite a good job. Velvet packaging, a bottle of primer-- the exterior packaging does not look fake. Only the price screams "fake makeup alert!". When you look closely, it is always the text and font that is different from the original product.

One day, when I can buy myself an original NAKED palette, I can compare them! :D

I did not find anything that I wanted after looking around for around an hour, so I decided to go back to the hotel before dinnertime. Because on this day I went out on my own, I have to ride BTS Skytrain :)

My destination is Chitlom station!

MBK was only two stations away, but I have to change trains at Siam station. Arriving at Chitlom station, I looked for an exit that has a name I am familiar with. Yay! Exit number 4 says Hotel Muse.

Today's shopping

In total I spent 2017 THB for all of these +__+


Dinnertime was awesome. We went to this HUGE seafood restaurant that has a huge crab sign lamp. I think their slogan was something around, if it lives in the sea, we have it. Whoa!

A customer gets a trolley to pick out anything that he/she wants!

Alaskan King Crab!

Sea cucumbers! It was my favorite food as a kid.

Sushi corner!

Don't squeeze me! :3

After customers had finished shopping, here's where they pay!

I love seafood. But they are dangerous-- the quote "you are what you eat" is so-very-much true. One example is the Fugu fish known for its poison content. I used to read a lot about it, and if I remember correctly, it was poisonous because of its diet (it ate starfish and other sea creatures that probably contained stuff that contributes to its high poison content). A group of scientists cultivated fugu fish with specialized diet and they were free from poison.

This world won't let you have anything good without big drawbacks. Fair, but cruel. Anyways, I still would love any place with good seafood. Especially PRAWNS. Deep-fried prawn. Freshly peeled prawns. YUM.

Dinner! YUMMY.

Food... food and food. I'm getting hungry now as I'm writing this blog post. I'm craving for seafood!!!

My first plate :9

The funny chef! He'd immediately pose when he sees a camera :)



On the fourth day, me and my family are going to Pattaya! And then we have my mom's sister's good friend plus two of my sister's friends are also joining!

I literally showered my fried rice with the Thai fish sauce!

Our first stop was a temple/museum. I'm not very fond of these stuff, so I hoped quietly that we'll exit this place soon. There were lots of wooden statues, such as Buddha statues, Guan Yin statues, Genghis Khan, Guan Yu, and other notable individuals. And then there's the king's throne as I had photographed below. The king is actually quite handsome in his younger days! He was painted by some artist and then the painting was put here. They also have a small shop that sells souvenirs there.

The next stop is Nongnooch Pattaya! We haven't eaten lunch yet and it was already past 12 PM so we decided to go there and eat lunch before we travel around the place. We immediately saw the elephant 'barn' after getting out of the car.

This elephant... or the other one... accidentally grazed some snot on my Canon EOS lens!

I was trying to photograph them, but I was not very careful... and got snot on my lens. EW! And they were stinky. I cleaned the snot with tissue and then added some hand sanitizer to wipe the smell away!

We haven't eaten yet, and the food court is located around the mini zoo. So we ate first and then saw the mini zoo for a short while before going to the garden area-- my mom wanted to see their orchid garden. Before the orchid garden there was this garden, it was named Cattleya I think? But I remember it is a European garden.

And boy, that European garden was BEAUTIFUL.

I love this gazebo. It's so elegant and pretty!

Elegant, beautiful European-style statues. They were my favorite objects in Nongnooch Pattaya garden. Sadly the fountain is not currently working! I love this part of the garden, there were descending stone staircases with pots of flowers and plants on the sides of the staircase. It was a colorful garden. After some photographing, we moved on to go to the orchid garden.

I might faint if this were real.

Pretty bench similar to the one above, but with better surroundings :D

Nongnooch Pattaya!

My personal favorite flower photo!

A butterfly!

Just beside the orchid garden is a pottery garden. The pottery garden was full with cka pots shaped into faces with facial expressions. Personally, I find them a bit scary, but funny when you don't watch too many horror movies! Their faces kind of remind me of Japanese horror manga faces.

And there's even a Davy Jones clay pot!

The orchid garden was full with all sorts of orchids. I took a lot of pictures, but was too lazy to resize them all, so here's two of my best shots.

And another elegant European-style statue in the middle of the pond!

This was next to a souvenir shop at the end of the orchid garden. What came into my mind was, disabled kids who were still happy despite their limbs gone. I think the artisan made them one-legged on purpose though, for some unknown reason XD it's art!

After Nongnooch, we were on to the beach. My brother, sister and my sister's friends played jet ski while me and my mother had foot massage. Then we went to a gokart place! They were quite expensive-- 800THB for each. I did not want to play even though I am able to drive... I just wasn't in the mood and was not a fan of go kart.

After go kart, it's finally dinnertime!! We ate a very late dinner.

Seafood again! After going to so many seafood restaurants, my brother finally found his favorite soft shell crab. This restaurant's seafood was nice, but yesterday night's was MUCH NICER. I feel my taste buds' standards had risen...

The soft shell crab

We finished dinner at around 10 PM. This night daddy treated our driver to dinner because this was our last night here. After dinner we went back home immediately... got back to hotel at around 12 AM :") was so sleepy, after brushing my teeth and washing my face I jumped to bed.



The final day!

We are going to Chatuchak Market!

Chatuchak Market is also called the weekend market. They are still open in weekdays, but most of its shops are open in weekends only. They are so large and have many, many, many variety of shops! My family bought a lot of aromatherapy; they're basically everywhere in Thailand. However, not all of them smell nice. Some of them had a more artificial smell to it.

For anyone going to Thailand, this place is a must. But you must at least spend a few hours here! It's better to come here in the morning and finish at around after lunch. They have LOTS of stuff. I took a lot of pictures but I'm too lazy resizing all those pictures from my iPhone for faster upload speed... :"")

Look at what we found! LOL
My brother asked the owner and the owner said it was made for the 'special people in Thailand. I suppose he meant ladyboys? XD

A vintage poster shop!

They're not exactly posters, but something like posters but on a frame. I could not really describe the material; but they have some pretty pictures aside from vintage frames. Across this shop was an aromatherapy shop, which my mom and brother described as having the best fragrance among all the other aromatherapy products they've bought.

Cream 360! I found this inside JJ Mall!

JJ Mall is a mall located next to Chatuchak Market. They also sell some good stuff there. I bought a skirt and the 360 cream; the 360 cream was just for a gift. I don't know what the cream is for though, it says it has high SPF but I don't think it's really a sunscreen. I took a picture and showed to my friend how it reminded me of her, and she said she wanted it! I didn't buy it at first because it was like a "joke" cream to me. The text printings on the product was not even neat!

Waiting for our car to come took quite long, so I was killing time by taking pictures of my surroundings.

Tuk tuk

Green taxi!

Next destination before airport... King Power! It's a tourist spot, place where you buy stuff for souvenirs, but we went there just to eat as per Dad's recommendation (he's been there before). It only has one dining spot, but damn we did not regret eating at this place!

This garlic pork is. HEAVENLY. DELICIOUS.

Fruit smoothies are the best!

After we ate the magnificent garlic pork at King Power, we did last minute shopping at the Thai snacks area. Seriously, this place is full with Mainland Chinese tourists. Some of them were so rude to the staffs! Even I was pissed just hearing their voice tone. Oh, and because there were so many Mainland Chinese tourists, do not expect a CLEAN TOILET. Just do not, and never expect that. Thankfully, I went to the toilet before this big group of Mainland Chinese tourists came, but my mom complained LOL

That's all for the fifth day! Chatuchak Market, JJ Mall and King Power, and then flight back home!

Thanks for reading through this super long post :")

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