Wasted rubies....

8:18 AM

Damn you Tap Paradise Cove -_______- Damndamndamndamn you.

So today is the last day for Black Ship of Kraal quest. I like ships, so I wanted the Black Ship of Kraal for my collection!

So it says, get three kinds of totems in order to bind the ship to our will. But it only requires you to complete two steps--- each with the cost of 65 rubies if you want to skip it. Two? Not three?

I purposely bought 5 dollars worth of rubies-- pouch of rubies, only to get the ship! Because.... I could not complete step 2--- I did not have enough cannons/armors to craft iron ores -___- usually, you can buy rubies to buy remaining ingredients, but this wasn't the case with iron ore crafting. (Was it even iron ore?) It needed 40 rusted cannons or 35 rusted shield, HECK only players with higher levels will be able to do this. PG tells us to do voyages with certain ships (now they give suggestions), but with only 2 days to complete the quest, how many voyages can you do to get that amount of rusted shield/cannons if you haven't done enough voyages or played long enough to get THAT many shield/cannons. Impossible -,-

And now, today, as the quest had finished and I missed the last seconds of it....


(June 13th)


^ intentional change of words-- I don't want an F word here. If I ever said it before in my previous entries, I apologize (_ _)

If I knew better, I wouldn't have spent the 65 rubies for that stupid sh*t. I'd just let it stay unfinished, and I won't care about the damn ship. I'd rather use the rubies to play with mermaid spins -____- or skip some other quest, that can actually give me something in return!

As for the Black Ship of Kraal quest in PG forum (https://forums.pocketgems.com/showthread.php?18810-Black-Ship-of-Kraal-quest/page2), I didn't see anyone complaining with my issue. I'll do the forgive-and-forget this time, since I don't have supporting proof to even complain to PG... but I don't think I'll do a risky skip quest with rubies again in the meantime -_- I don't buy rubies that much, so even if it's just a pouch of rubies, I'm still quite angry -,- useless 5 dollars charged to my mom's credit card urgh

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  1. trololololol fork you, oh, how about puck you?

    At least you didn't say the f, right????


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