LINE Dragon Flight

9:45 AM

I love LINE games.

They save our games automatically to their servers so if we ever need to change devices, we don't need to worry about losing our progress. Except, if you move to another OS-- the crystals will not be transferred. But also, the automatic saving means you need stable internet connection--preferably Wi-Fi. Playing outside without Wi-Fi will not be easy...

So far, this is my best score in LINE Dragon Flight. The two dragons on my left and right wing, plus a level 22 Knight. No power shots were used-- I have no idea how to effectively control when to use power shots, it's just flicking your finger towards the enemy, but when I want to use it, it doesn't come out :\

Tee hee! Thank you LINE! I wasn't affected, but thanks for the 3000 gold!

A random screenshot, because it's 9999 :D

I combined my two level 10 dragons! This brown dragon--whatever its name was, became a level 11. I thought, I could continue raising the dragon, but turns out level 11 was the limit. So combining two dragons did not have that much positive effects T_T

So far I have three in my hatchling dictionary +___+ the two-star one is the newer addition. The two dragons on the left was something I got from inviting friends.

Unlike WIND Runner, this game has more pages about the game.

The LINE blog is just for character information, and the newest character addition, which is Tamer. The first link is a review on the game :) and I must agree with that person. Meteors suck. I quote him 'dragons are better than meteors'-- true. At least, with dragons you get your last chance if you're shooting and the dragon does not die even after the last second, NOT if you accidentally bump into them (it would be the same as hitting the meteor).

I haven't played this game for very long... 6th of June? Okay that makes a week.

Again, I am being a crazy procrastinator by playing LINE Dragon Flight. I hope I won't be saying goodbye to good grades and sleep of course.

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  1. I was searching for Dragon Flight combination information and i found an angel like you... NAH! Just kiddink, i'm not come for intro like that. Here you can find another information for Dragon Flight Tips and here you can find out hatchling

    Line : kevinkamawijaya, i scored 300.000!! LoL
    I hope that information can be useful for others people who come to this Blog~

    Have a Nice Day!


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