7:31 AM

Here goes.... the process of my drawing mid term project... that kept me awake until 5 AM... because I did the work like a damn boss! A2 paper, fully colored with color pencils-- that should take a few days to complete.... I did it in below 12 hours (straight). Even until now, I still do my home work by last minute method, and it is unhealthy :'S

Before big projects I would stay lateeeee, maybe pulling an all-nighter like I did with this project. So far, I have not pulled many all-nighters... the first time was when I had sleepover at a friend's house, then I stayed until 4 AM talking through BlackBerry Messenger during New Years, and twice for finishing Drawing subject projects :'D the first drawing project that made me pull an all-nighter was the final project of Drawing I subject. Then came this Drawing II mid term project! If I do not start repairing this bad habit of procrastinating, I am definitely pulling another all-nighter for my Drawing II final project! :'D





Why did it take so long for me to finish it?

Because while doing the project, I was still pro-cras-ti-na-ting! B-)
I had my iPad beside me, being charged. I will play Gardens of Time once my energy is refilled even just a bit, or play Diamond Dash. Also, I had my best friend and biggest distraction ever-- BLACKBERRY!

I was bbming my friend while slowly.. slowly progressing with the project. These work in progress pictures also existed because my friend asked how it was going for me, and I took it using BlackBerry camera- which explains the bad quality of the picture XD


I am not a big fan of drawing people + backgrounds, especially when it is colored... because it takes too much time. I prefer line art works, or nicely rendered pencil works (hoping it does not smudge). If I decide to color my art work, I make sure the art work is not on huge papers such as A2... A3 is still okay and A4 or A5 would be perfect. B-)

Speaking of art works... I have not updated this blog with my art work for so long because... I have a blogging-block. Writers block, just in blogging. Do not take the term seriously, I am just mixing up words :P

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