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Last Thursday I became a model for a few of my friends :D

These photographs were taken and edited by my friend Adela <3 you can see her in one of my first posts, me and her took many pictures using Macbook's Photo Booth.
This one was also taken by Adela. She takes nice pictures <3

My recent university life has been finishing assignments and hanging out with my besties and classmates. My schedule is quite hectic, but up until now it has not taken its toll on me.

For the second semester of my university life, I had to take nine subjects.... and they are Graphic Design 1, Typography 1, Computer Graphics 2, Academic English 2, History of Western Art, Photography 1, Drawing 2, Freshmen Enrichment Program 2, and Character Building 2.
Character Building has changed its name now, and Character Building 2 is now Character Building: Spiritual Development. I have a very funny and critical teacher, Mr Anjar, and he is like the biggest test for students with or without religion. He questions many things that we never thought about asking. But he is nice, and is much better than my Character Building 1 lecturer. She cannot even speak English in an understandable manner.... I'd rather have her speak Indonesian instead. Or just don't teach at my uni.. that's better.

Oh yeah! I am not being arrogant or what, but I am both satisfied and dissatisfied with my first semester GPA (Grade Point Average), which is 3.25. I was hoping for above 3.5, but turns out being a straight A Art and Design student is impossibly hard. I hate how my university's scoring system makes the nominal grade 91-100 an A (we don't have A+), and most lecturers are not that generous. I thought Art and Design lecturers are well-known for being a subjective judge because they judge artwork, not on how well a student performs in theoretical exams.

I then hear that there are also lecturers in International Business major who are equally stingy in giving grades, and one is even worse than that. From what I have heard, that killer lecturer gives a maximum grade of C+, which in nominal grade is 65-70. No one has ever gotten a higher score... and most students get either D (55-60) or C (61-65).

I procrastinate quite a lot, and I do not always give my best in every work I do... which later leads to regret of course. The problem is I wish to get a good grade, so I give effort in doing the work but turns out I was not doing it good enough. Phew.


Current obsession: MAICIH

Photo by @infomaicih

These six packets are the various kinds of extra spicy chips they sell. My personal favorite is the chips one! Keripik, and level 3. I do not have high tolerance for spiciness, so I like level 3 chips the best. The level describes the amount of chili they use; they have level 3,5 and 10. I can still manage level 5, but for level 10.... I might need days or even weeks to finish. I find level 5 too spicy when eaten in large amounts... so how am I going to survive level 10? :/
Photo from Wisata Kompasiana

Here is a perfect photo that shows the yumminess. Once you eat, you just find it very hard to stop. I can finish a pack of level 3 chips in maybe 15-20 minutes if I do not stop at all. They're addicting, and cause diarrhea :$  The stomachache is not that bad if you do not eat too much, but anyways, eating them is your own risk... Haha!

I might update again with makeup related stuff, if I remember! :D

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