9:21 AM

Hell yeah! More line art drawings :) Line art drawings FTW!

This one is for my friend :D as my token of gratefulness!

I had always liked Victorian era clothing, but never practiced myself into drawing it. So I took some reference pictures from google and drew it >___<""

It's just a combination of both pictures.... Sorry for whoever drew it ._____. but I'm not doing it for money soooo....... still, sorry m(_ _)m

Recently my life has been less gloomy! I used to be soooo gloomy just over a guy! I feel so stupid now, but people make mistakes, and that's how I learned. Liking someone doesn't mean you have to be so gloomy all the time, it should be fun and positive. Positive attitude emits confidence, and that's what I want! Yaay!

Big event that has happened recently is my cousin's wedding :)
Taken from my mom's BlackBerry--- there were lots of cameras so we didn't know where to look o_o"
All are my cousins except for the pink shirt girl in the middle; she's the bride-to-be! I don't have pictures with my male cousin who's going to marry, but I have a picture of them in the wedding. Oh, and I think all four of them are of the same age... I'm the youngest ;;) but the tallest!

Okay, so Blogger apparently cannot upload the pictures from my computer to this entry... So I will make another one later! Tatafornow~

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