Mid term exams and projects

4:47 AM

Starting from two weeks ago on Thursday, we are on our mid term exam period. Which means, no class! And we go to campus only if needed, especially for exams and submitting projects.

On the first day of mid term exam period, all majors of my year are having Academic English exam. It was moderately difficult, just because of the essay and very limited time. I'll have to practice writing essays in a fast pace -_-

This was for my mid term Design and Materials project -_- took 2 days to finish. I should start working on these kind of projects earlier... This really eats time and patience when you want to perfect it.

For drawing mid term project, we were supposed to draw still-life setting of our own. The first was the reference I sent my lecturer, the second was the setting I finally made, and I have to add an extra piece of glass-made object hoping it won't ruin the set.

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