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My two best gals
 So on October 26th (Wednesday) I had lots of laugh. I brought iPad to campus and the timing is JUST right. That day I had three classes, from morning to evening. The first two hours was history of Indonesian art and culture, then it was Design and Materials. Our lecturer is known for not being in class after she gave us instructions for the next project,  and that day we're left with our teaching assistant Jasmine :)

In the toilet ;D

Camera parteehhh

Being silly! :*

We look... so sad?
So, I practically ran around a bit and took pictures with my girls. Our lecturer was gone, so it's up to us if we want to do our work and not save the homework for later. I also took pictures of the class, mostly candid ;)

Jap's signature pose that never cease to entertain me LOL

 And of course, our lovely teaching assistant Jasmine (from behind though) :D

She usually does... homework? I'm not sure, but she's usually with her laptop and helps when asked :)

And then later, after Design and Materials we have a 3-hour break before we start our Computer Graphics class. Some others are in class A, so they weren't with us except for two people ;)

We're gonna shoot short videos and then combine them later for our Character Building project. I don't know why the subject is called Character Building, the subject doesn't even talk about our character-- at least for now. We borrowed an empty classroom for two hours. The videos we were going to shoot was good student and bad student and hell, it was so funny. It was epic. Later on, it was the canteen scene, also with good and bad examples, it was the funniest of all. I really can't stop laughing just seeing the video.

And then we had our Computer Graphics class, finish it and film the lift scene. All the videos were filmed using my iPad because my friend Jasmine's cell phone died on us....


November already. It's my birthday month! However, my gastric acid problem didn't get better, it practically came back to square zero. Perhaps. I started vomiting what my stomach rejects ever since when I forgot--- it was one Wednesday, probably on my third week (since we started classes) or fourth. And after I thought I got better, I started to vomit again. In total, until today, I have lost 4 kilograms. HOPEFULLY IT WAS ALL MY FAT!

I slimmed down because I can't eat a lot of things. AND IT'S ANNOYING WHEN I'M EATING OUTSIDE. I can't eat oily/fried/deep-fried food, FRIED RICE, milk (if I want to, it has to be non fat), anything with coconut milk (santan) and especially, SPICY FOOD AND NOODLES (MOREOVER, INDOMIE!). How terrible is that? T_____T

The problem is, I have bacteria in my stomach and it's called Helicobacter pylori. DAMN U. It was caused by unsanitary food, and probably weak stomach. Most likely, the dirty food came from my university's canteen T_T I've spent millions on this stupid stomach problem, though other than that it was caused by stress u_u

I've had a similar problem back in 2010, around February. That day I drank cough syrup (with expectorant) without first eating breakfast cause I was in a hurry, and I ended up vomiting and vomiting until my face was white. My mom then picked me up at school and brought me to doctor. The doctor was not in the least, reliable, cause he wasn't helping at all! He prescribed some medicine and it definitely didn't stop my vomiting. That day, everything I ate or drank, will be vomited minutes later. EVEN WATER. At night, precisely at 11 PM I vomited again and mami papi rushed me to emergency (different hospital). I forgot if I went to that hospital in the afternoon before the emergency... I think I did but I forgot the details.

The doctor then advised that I be injected with some kind of medicine (who knows what it is) and it worked its magic almost immediately I think. I was dieting, and it was a bit extreme, but it was rare for me to skip meals. The portion was just small and I was having personal training sessions in a gym.

The gastric acid problem I am facing right now is a bit different, but still annoying! I have to remember taking my antacid syrup with me all the time to prevent vomiting after having my meal. I MISS EATING SPICY FOOD AND OF COURSE, OILY FOOD TOO! |||||Orz

When my gastric acid problem gets better, this is one of the snacks I'mma eat! Yumminess. They're so spicy and this one is even divided into a few levels. I bought the lowest level available when I bought it, which is level 3 (they had 3,5, and 10) because as much as I wanted to be daring, I must pity my poor stomach.

Still-life drawing
 This week's Tuesday, we were assigned to draw still-life objects from our perspective. Was hard to just believe in your eyes and translate it to the paper, such as the supposed length from the apple to the bottle.
 This Wednesday I forgot to eat before Computer Graphics class, which starts at 4.30 PM. After I finished, I went to the nearby mall and ate dinner. I didn't want anything too much, and wanted to try the okonomiyaki. Bad choice though, my stomach hurt when I got home.
New glasses!
 On Thursday, I took my newly-bought glasses which my mom bought for me last Sunday. It's such a perfect timing that the new spectacles finish on Thursday, because my old spectacles was so annoying that day. The right lens kept on falling! Like when I was washing my hands, when I was examining games in a software store... THANK GOD it didn't happen when I was about to flush the toilet (my lens would go away with my pee!). The strings that were supposed to hold the lens from falling was getting weak, and they were too short for the lens.
I drew myself today :') Lately I was sad, so I drew myself with sad expression.
Not finished yet, but I added the hair. For those of you who know me with my current hair, I hope you think it resembles me 8D because that means I succeed! Nyeh nyeh nyeh.

Yesterday, we were supposed to have Academic English from 07.30 AM to 11.20 AM. However, our lecturer was late because apparently his son was sick. He still came to the campus cause he will have other classes in the afternoon, and when he reached the campus all he did with us was to discuss when will we have the make-up class. Last Friday the class was also canceled because he was sick.

I then accompanied one of my bestie Diva to Ratu Plaza because she couldn't install the game she just bought yesterday. Closest guy friend Marco also tagged along. After business was done, I went to my bestie Angel's house along with Diva. Afterwards, I went with Angel to Starbucks Coffee located near my house. Initially, I only wanted to drop her off, but I went through about an hour of traffic and when I saw a long line of cars across (the road I have to take to get home), I decided I will tag along with Angel. She's having a reunion with her old friends, and thankfully it wasn't any bit awkward even though I never met her friends before.

Today is my lazy day. I only went to the hospital for lab test (pancreatic and bacteria tests, only 3 and so damn expensive.... damn you my stomach and damn you H.pylori!) and went home to create boxes for Design and Materials, virus-scanned my laptop and drew self portrait (above two pictures)

Looooongg entry. I haven't posted in ages. I have a lot to let out :D

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