Graphic Design Student Life

3:51 AM

Hi everyone!

So I decided to make a random blog post in the midst of... many assignments. I always do T___T

Mid terms are coming, and my to-do list so far are:

1. Graphic design mid project: redesigning a culture magazine (I chose to redesign National Geographic) and creating the redesigned spreads in InDesign. They are not few -___- but at least it's not a whole magazine.

2. Typography II mid project is still pending. But I have an assignment due tomorrow (I'm so lazy)

3. Digital Animation I mid project: create a 3D model of 4 items and render them.

4. Illustration Design mid project is still pending, but an assignment is due a day after tomorrow T_T

5. Multimedia I mid project is to finish at least 15 screens for our desired website.

*lies on the bed* GRAAWRR

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