Third week!

3:00 AM

Today marks the first day of my third week as a university student! Class was from 7.30 AM until 11.20 AM, but our lecturer let us out early, so we were out by 10.30 or 10.45 :)

Color theory can be boring, but at the same time, it is very intriguing because our teacher lets us see the magic of color. Today was about colors in plants and animals, and a little bit of science, like how the color of the flower attracts insects who will help pollenate the flower itself or maybe other flowers.

After class was over, me and some of my classmates went over to a nearby mall, Senayan City, which is only about 2-minute walk from the back lobby of my university. Whenever we Art & Design students gather around, we always entertain each other in many ways! I don't think there has been one time, when we gathered and there was no big laughter. There always had to be!

Then, I went to my friend Dela's place near the university, about 5-minute walk. She rented a room near here because her house is very far from the university, and I came over because I wasn't sure my driver would be picking me up soon. Apparently my little bro is not in a very good condition, so, since I got my homework done, I might as well spend some quality time with my friend <3 and below is the pictures we took ;D

Starting our PhotoBooth session!

Silly! xD

I took lots of pictures with only myself, so I'll put one here!

I liked my make up today, very minimal cause I was too lazy to put on eyeliner... So today was only moisturizer, mascara and brow pencil! I even forgot to put on concealer. Thank God my eye lashes are quite long now, compared to my previously non-existent lashes! Even with mascara I don't think my lashes will show up in pictures back then T_T so on special occasions I will have to rely on falsies.

I have pictures of my lash conditioner at home (I'm using my friend's laptop right now) and I might put up an entry of it later... if I remember! HEHE  *v*

Anyways, ta-ta-for-now! I wanna eat something cos I'm hungry.

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