Alice in Wonderland

7:27 AM

 Alice in Wonderland!

Never actually watched the cartoon, never actually read the original book, but all of a sudden I was interested in Alice in Wonderland!

I watched the movie, but I never read the book or watched the Disney cartoon, so my reaction was just: "Oh, okay"

If you saw my previous post, I had a sketch of Alice in Wonderland in my own style and version! Mature Alice, pretty Red Queen a.k.a. Queen of Hearts, no Knave of Hearts, Mad Hatter inspired by Terry Nell Morris' Mad Hatter (I google image'd it) and et cetera!

I'm supposed to read about Indian art history and also China's.... damn lazy. And since we weren't told to buy any textbooks yet, it's using internet to look for information and one of my distractions is... blogger. I feel like blogging all my unblogged previous big events... in my life! I'm more of a homebody, not a fan of crowds and clubs... I'll be blogging about my college life and my arts :D

Ok change of topic... a little? It has changed from Alice to what I'm supposed to do right now after all.. :p

My best friend uses tumblr, and I used to use one too, but I'm so lazy in updating... Blogspot is much more fun! My best friend taught me a lot about digital painting, especially with Paint Tool SAI program, and her drawings are very good too! She's more into digital painting now, while I still prefer the manual/traditional way, because I like making line arts! Dude, if someone commissioned me to ink their arts, I might as well do! With payment of course! :p

I have a collection of some of my line arts in my DeviantART, which I don't really open any more...

I don't know if I exposed my arts enough in DA, but they prefer digital painting to traditional ones, so it's kinda hard if I want to get some constructive comments without getting... flamed? I never got flames so far as I remembered... but I might get unlucky too.


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