8:25 AM

Today was EPIC.

Unfortunately the details are not share-able in a blog, since it would mean embarrassing my friend to the whole blogosphere... but today is one of the few days where I laugh so damn much and.. damn loud :D

I love my friends in university... I should take more pictures with them and post them up here. I'm glad I have them as my classmates here in university, and after a year of being semi-ostracized in my high school senior year, I feel grateful to have new friends who accept me as who I am.

They won't think of me as strange for laughing too loud or for being too quiet and then bursting out laughing all of a sudden cause I think something's funny, for picking my nose? I don't know.

And finally, not in an all-girls community any more... 4 years of Catholic girls high school is enough. 3 years in my Indonesian high school, and another is my Taiwanese high school during my exchange.

Pending assignments list: color theory's 2 color wheels; subtractive and additive color wheels, drawing various kinds of lines (two top most troublesome assignments so far), Academic English's small homework, weekly sketchbook assessments...

What to read.. India and China and their influences on Indonesian art? Or the history itself. And then for computer graphics... I need to polish skills in Illustrator and Photoshop! SOBSOBSOB. I dislike Photoshop.. but sooner or later I will like it cause I'll be working with it for many years to come T____T

Somebody teach me how to make colorful optical illusions T_T the hardest project so far... I think. CREATIVITY PLEASE COME

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