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Today I had drawing class. Today's theme was: LINES.
Everything we drew were lines and lines and lines, if colored it would resemble an optical illusion. @___@

Last thing we had to draw was anything, but in 20 minutes it had to be finished. Quick drawing. I drew my original character in a more realistic way since I drew anime-style, but the lips and the nose turned out horrible... OH one thing, our rulers and erasers were confiscated since before we drew the lines, so we couldn't erase a thing... (I erased the nose once using the eraser on my mechanical pencil while the lecturer and ass. lecturer weren't looking though :p)

Aaand we got homework, which was drawing more lines.... great. Harder and needed to be perfected, or... be graded less than satisfying. I heard my drawing lecturer is not a generous person in grading..... so he's kinda strict I think! In terms of grading.

But today I got good news!

So, my university is having an event this Friday and Saturday. Their website is:


Registration's over, but anyone can come to Binus International this Friday and Saturday to come over and see the event!

I entered the competition for digital painting, in which the theme is custom folktale (Indonesian folktale), and chose "Timun Mas" folktale to be customized.

Reading a lot of Crayon Shinchan comics, and after one google image search, one image inspired me to do the picture above!

(Taken from http://kobem3n.blogspot.com)
 On the left is the picture which inspired me to do a Crayon Shinchan version of Timun Mas. And I succeeded! I became one of the finalists thanks to the crazy idea... Thanks a lot Crayon Shinchan!

It was speedy painting, so it was messy and had a lot of white spots... I had to redraw the line art so some white spots can be covered. One thing I'm worried about is, as one of the finalists, I had to do live painting, watched by audiences... using Adobe Photoshop. I never liked Photoshop's inconvenient Undo button, unlike Paint Tool SAI's, and also the coloring system in Photoshop -_____- I'm screwed......

Oh, since for drawing class we had two sketch books, one for assignment and one for practicing drawing, I have something to show from my practice sketch book :)

Nature-themed is what describes most of my artworks. And females! I like drawing females and flowers the most, and drawing males is what I like the least. Most of the males I draw turn out like females because my hand's accustomed to drawing female anatomy T___T""

That's all for now! :D 

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