Half double eye lids and uneven lashes

9:09 AM

A bit obvious isn't it? T_T
Messy makeup! Half a day already :$
Ok, so what I'm trying to show is , notice how my left(my left) lashes are a bit longer than the other? T___T

I've been using a lash conditioner to lengthen my natural lashes, and in the end..... one is longer and one is shorter. """oTL

Why? Because my lids are super "hooded", my right eyelid practically absorbs the conditioner cause when I open my eyes the lid kinda covers the part where the base/roots of my lashes are..... while on the right lash the lid doesn't cover as much.

Different eyelid!
Thankfully I have a photo that shows the difference of my eyelids. Annoying? HELL YEAH. Damn hard to do make up on, and eyeshadow disappears cause the eyelid covers it all! There are some things I learned from doing make up with these troublesome eyelids:

 1. When applying eye liner, PRECISENESS is key. Too much eye liner will result in very much unwanted smudging.
2. Cheap eyeshadow and expensive eyeshadow really shows. When I use cheap eyeshadow, there isn't even VISIBLE color when my eyes are open and they don't stay for long. Why? I blink. It's human to blink, right?!? However, blinking will cause smudging in my case, so cheap eyeshadow will disappear at the end of the day... for me. I'm currently using Dior's 5-Couleurs Iridescent Palette and the color stays! MAGIC!
3. Another thing, because my eyes are small, it's a bit hard to do smoky eyes, and PLUS, the hooded half-double lids just adds to the trouble. Why the hell are these eyes so hard to deal with GRRRR

There is, however, a YouTube make up guru, a Taiwanese! Who has the same kind of eyelids as I do:


She explains things slowly and slowly, so I think most people would be able to understand her point. However, I think, in a video which shows her doing make up tutorial for hidden double-lid eyes, she was boring but anyways, she was helpful! I haven't watched a lot of her other videos, so I can't say she's boring at explaining...

I'm supposed to sleep now, and tomorrow I have a competition... Wish me luck lllllOrzz 

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